Resolve 17.4.2 b9 - Multicam preview wrong rotation of video

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Resolve 17.4.2 b9 - Multicam preview wrong rotation of video

PostSun Nov 28, 2021 8:05 pm


I had a 4 camera shoot - two camera's had to be hung down from the ceiling, so the video was recorded on these, upside down. This should not be a problem in DRS since you can flip the clip via the inspector, both horizontally and vertically.

I flipped the clips already on the media page, and these rotated clips shows up correctly both in the media page, and when viewing the Multicam clip on the timeline.

However, when inserting this Multicam clip on another edit timeline, the Multicam preview window is ignoring the flipping information, and the clips show upside down in the Multicam preview. The cut result is correct on the timeline, it is just the Multicam preview that is wrong.

This makes Multicam editing of this project totally impossible, it's very hard - to impossible - to visualize and try to make cut decisions, when two of the video feeds are upside down.

This is a clear bug. I hope that someone else would be kind enough to repeat and confirm! I have not found a workaround. Rendering out separately the upside-down videos (and re-importing them) could naturally be done, but there would be a quality penalty. And this would take some time, the project is a multi-hour one...

Professional software like DRS should handle scenarios like this correctly, I am very surprised that such a basic error exists...


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Re: Resolve 17.4.2 b9 - Multicam preview wrong rotation of v

PostSun Nov 28, 2021 10:00 pm

I can confirm the problem.
Workaround: Add a tranform Open FX to the clips to flip them


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Re: Resolve 17.4.2 b9 - Multicam preview wrong rotation of v

PostMon Nov 29, 2021 12:22 am

godzich wrote:I have not found a workaround.

You could try to alter the rotation metadata matrix ... 13c1371000

Although it may be that there's a bug where that info gets ignored still. (like the transform on media page)

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