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Editor Keyboard Keycaps

PostTue Nov 30, 2021 1:00 am

Hoping to get an answer here as all other avenues haven't led anywhere.

The paint on some of my keycaps is rubbing off. I replaced the keyboard once already and the issue persists. It seems the short-cut text is very lightly painted on and soon rubs of with normal use.

In the product description for the Editor Keyboard it says that replacement keycaps, switches, palm rest and dial are all available as spare parts.

I bought mine in Japan, and for over a year BM Japan have not been able to help me find keycaps for my keyboard. Also, because I bought it in Japan, BM in other countries will not help me, saying that I need to communicate only with the dealer I bought it from. Japan has said they contacted HQ in the US multiple times requesting info on the replacement keycaps, but no-one ever responded, which seems a bit strange to me.

It's extremely frustrating because I do love the keyboard but it has a quality control issue and no BM branch can help me out despite the spare parts cited in the marketing blurb.

In any case, how do I go about finding replacement keycaps for the Editor Keyboard? Do they even exist?

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Re: Editor Keyboard Keycaps

PostTue Nov 30, 2021 3:42 am

Moved to Resolve forum.

I'll PM you with an update.
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