Numerous Bugs Occurring with DRS 18.0.3

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Numerous Bugs Occurring with DRS 18.0.3

PostTue Sep 27, 2022 5:14 pm

Hi All:

I use DRS 18.0.3 with late 2021 MBP16 operating under Mac0S 12.6. I am developing user a series of bugs that suddenly develop.

1) Constantly have to close DRS because I am unable to do a two finger drag. This is a long standing problem going back to version 17.
2) Loss of ability to perform a ripple delete. Both Shift+Delete or selecting the menu item no longer functions.
3) In/out locations on music can be added in Media Pool. However, when I attempt to insert/append the media the in/out locations are ignored and the entire file is entered.
4) Numerous instances where the time line has become corrupted. Files that are clearly in the media pool show sections where “media is unavailable”
5) Render Cache selected as Smart or User that have Render Cache Output. Clip has Render Cache Color Output selected will either partial render or not render at all. Other clips work fine.

There are other things that are just cropping but the above are the major ones.

Has anyone encountered this? If yes, what did you do to resolve.

Don Barar

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