Nvidia driver issues with Davinci.

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Nvidia driver issues with Davinci.

PostTue Dec 06, 2022 10:42 am

Hi I have a memory that I saw a notice of some isssues with the latest Nvidai Studio drivers for davinci. Does it ring any bells? Just got one problematic clip, and wanted to try new drivers.

The only differens betwen this clip and the other clips is that I got two smooth cut effects on. Im sure its all about that I only got 11g ram. But rendering without gpu its says 8 hours, and Im sure its not correct and will crash.

It feels like the graphic card isn't really emptying its ram correctly and gets full an crashes.

Created a log and sending it in now.
Resolve Studio 18.0.3 Build 5, Studio driver 517.40
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Re: Nvidia driver issues with Davinci.

PostWed Dec 07, 2022 8:00 am

Although the NVIDIA Studio drivers are supposedly optimized and tested for creative applications - Davinci Resolve specifically, I've had nothing but problems and went back to the Game Ready driver. Even then, after many hours (one day+), the DRS UI will start glitching and then crash.
I have a Dell Alienware Aurora R9 with a RTX 2080 SUPER 8 GB (GRD v526.98). I usually run DRS without any browsers open because I was running on the edge with 7.9 of 8.0 GB GPU RAM usage with even one Chrome window open.
Just checked as I'm typing this - I have multiple Chrome and Brave tabs open, DRS is processing a Dolby Vision IMF file with three color nodes (32-bit EXR source, color correction, and noise reduction) - and GPU RAM usage is only 6.0/8.0??? No consistency in behavior...
Most people have "driver OCD", myself included. Once you land on a configuration that works don't ever change it :)

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