Fusion clips cache but still don't playback smoothly

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Re: Fusion clips cache but still don't playback smoothly

PostWed Apr 12, 2023 10:53 pm

It's April 2023 and Resolve 18 still won't playback cached Fusion comps. What is going on here, Blackmagic? So many users have switched to you platform and sing its praises -- why is this still an issue? I don't want to have to go back to After Effects just to have a simple RAM Preview functionality!

When I'm in the Fusion page of Resolve, I should be able to cache my comps and have them playback in realtime. Currently, all it does is struggle to cache all the frames and even those that DO get cached won't play back in real-time. Having a functioning playback system for your compositor is table stakes. Why is this still an issue??


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Re: Fusion clips cache but still don't playback smoothly

PostTue Oct 03, 2023 8:46 pm

This is still an issue. 5 Years Past original post.

Nothing in my system isn't necessarily bottle necking, so much as Davinci is so clearly running on sphagetti code and Fusion rarely, if ever, recieves any attention at a core performance level.

The codecs are running fine. it's a redundant point. Intels iGPU made it redundant. Proxies make it
further so. I've transcoded to DNxHR.

This isn't a bottleneck issue it's a Davinci Resolve Fusion,
Blackmagic doesn't want to be held accountable and invest in engineering
consumer useable technology-problem,

My guess is that Blackmagic will have to rebuild Davinci Resovle FusionStudio, and that's
either never going to happen or take a decade.

But don't expect a roadmap.

No caching method in Davinci Resolve Fusion Studio works.

I go to the edit page and the clip caches in meh-decent time, but atleast it caches,
How does that help me while I'm attempting to make layered composites within Fusion?!

In fusion, even if you play it through and cache the clip all the way to green bar,
it then fails to playback properly, breakdowns and often crashes.

Ironically restarting the program sometimes allows it to run as intended...
...until you change something and it's back to 0.5fps.

Why does the green bar just delete itself? It's MADDENING

You sit. You wait.
Then you watch the green bar erode itself and recache.
Why? I've done nothing.
What's the logical justification?

I cache to disk. I Pre-render. I LOCK THE CACHE.
This all amounts to stimulate my NVME and waste electric and energy.
Cache to disk does nothing.
The node starts flashing green and re-caches.
Is cache to disk jsut professional space-wasting?

The playback quality doesn't change AT ALL.
Like, what the hell is wrong with the program?

I use the saver-loader nodes and that can work, but it's beyond impractical.

How can a saver node be justified, when the system clearly can cache to ram, but it simply decides to recache despite no alterations. I'm not animating a disney movie, I'm doing layers to composite.

I'd expect to pause 15 seconds for Fusion to cache everything I've done so far and then move on.

Instead I'm throwing fists into thin-air on Blackmagic's cattle field.

Fusion doesn't even cache in the background. You have to self-inflict stress watching your project
pass at 0.25 frames a second.

Dirty dirty, dirty masochists.

This is all MADDENING.

I got a 4080 16gb thinking I'd be a little more free, and I am, but it's less about the GPU vram power now and more about Davinci Resolve Fusion Studio's caching system being basically defunct.

Any update on the development cycle of Davinci's Caching and Rendering system?

Infact, how about providing a roadmap!?

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