Glitch when importing some h264 files

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Glitch when importing some h264 files

PostThu Oct 10, 2019 10:05 am


I am currently trying to make a new demo video of my work on Resolve Studio 16, but I have some issues when importing some of my videos. Most of the videos work just fine, but for a reason I don't understand, two of the short movies I made are not usable on Resolve.

I imported the final export of the movies in Resolve, which are in h264, and there is two issues : the movies are showed in a 4/3 ratio which is not the right ratio (it should be in 16:9). This issue seems to be solved when setting the pixel size of these clips on PAL 16:9, I am a bit surprised but I made these movies several years ago and I don't remember how I exported it, so why not.

But I didn't found any solution for the second issue I have. These two videos are full of glitch. When I open the videos on my windows player I don't have any problem, it happens only on Resolve. I tried several clip settings to see if it would change something but it's always the same.

There is other h264 videos in my project that doesn't have any of these issues and working just fine, so it's not a general issue with h264 files, just on some of it.

I searched on internet and it seems that some people had this issue on Resolve 14, but didn't foud anything about more recent versions of Resolve. So is there a solution for this problem, am I the only one who have to deal with this issue? Any idea about what I can do?

Thank you for your help!

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