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AAF Export and metadata

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:37 am
by etang77
I've finally got my hands on some shooting materials and managed to test exporting AAF.

I only did this test with one synced shot and placing after it on the timeline the original polyphonic WAV file.

In DaVinci Resolve itself, it does recognise the metadata name of each track assigned by the audio recordist on set, regardless if it is synced or the original file. But once exported as ProTools AAF and imported into ProTools what I found is this.

The only "metadata" left of the synced part is the original track name plus the extension added by DaVinci Resolve. The timecode has followed that of the video (MOV), and there is no information that was inputted by the sound recordist such as scene numbers, shot numbers, takes, track name (character or mic name).

While the original audio file part has managed to preserve all the metadata mentioned above minus the track names. It is there, but every track has the track name of the first channel of the polyphonic waves, and that is regardless if that first channel is in the timeline or not.

I had a look at the manual but couldn't see anything that could be of service. Maybe someone out there could and teach me.

Lastly, I feel there is a lack of options for audio output, I think namely, I can't choose to export the whole audio file or what's in the edit but with handles. I think I can live without the OMF option, and I don't think anyone really cares if it's OMF or AAF as long as the audio export actually works properly.