Can I do this through an OpenFX in Davinci Resolve Studio?

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Can I do this through an OpenFX in Davinci Resolve Studio?

PostMon Nov 11, 2019 4:52 am


My issue with DRS is Arabic in Fusion, it's just broken although fixing it is super easy, and as I heard from the support email, regardless of how easy it is, it might take years to be implemented, so I thought of this solution.

I'd like to create an OpenFX plugin, that will take the Arabic text, renders it correctly into the recursive form, then present it in a form that Fusion inside DRS would understand and can inject it in a 3d title, or a Fusion Node.

I mean either convert it to a 3D model, or just a PNG, or however it could be dealt with like how DRS Fusion deals with Latin letters. (I'd love to know what should I convert to at this stage)

What I also need to know, is what's the best approach to expose the end result to Fusion? Can I make it to appear as a Fusion Node? Can I make it to be used within Fusion 3D titles? Just how this should interact and integrate inside Fusion's workflow?

I'm a developer myself, but never done an OFX thing, so I'm just starting to learn about it, and I want to invest in a solution that would make my life easier, better than waiting for it to happen in few years, if it's gonna ever happen.

I would appreciate any guidance, information, feedback, and anything that could help.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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