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Finally Arabic can be rendered correctly in Fusion => OFX

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:23 am
by Aboubakr
Hello guys,

For the first time in Fusion's history, Arabic/Urdu/Farsi...etc will be rendered correctly from within Fusion, which had never worked before, and my emails back and forth with BMD support resulted in the developers being aware of it, but can't do anything about it, unless it is planned beforehand, which might take years to happen [as per their email].

I had an idea to just create an OFX that does Text stuff, and it can be loaded from DR, but I didn't know where to start from, and I posted here in the developers' section, but got no response, guidance, or attention :)


Researching OFX documentation, creating simple plugins, and checking other open source ones gave me the idea to check up with Natron, since it's open source, and it can handle any language you would throw on it. I landed on the wrong deprecated OFX and kept working on it for days, although it was deemed broken, I got it to work again, lol, but didn't render anything, so I reached their official form.

There started the real hope. First, I was told what I was working on was deprecated, and was guided to the right plugin. Then again, I had very little success to strip Natron's dependency, so although I got it to compile and load, it returned nothing, and there shined a Natron Developer (Ole-André aka Rodlie).

He did pretty much everything and made it Host-agnostic, and now we can render Arabic and use it in a bunch of effects and titling like every other language:


image not rendering :/

The way it loads the fonts causes the computer to freeze for a bit, then everything will be working as smoother as ever. It could be fixed if BMD developers gave a look at, and make it act like how DR would like it to, as it's basic file fetching and loading, but honestly I don't think they'd contribute to an open source projects like NVidia or Intel developers do :)

Meanwhile, just happy to share the news here. I shall continue studying and trying to work on the OFX Andre has gifted us with.

The moral of the story, when there's a will, there is a way. Something BMD couldn't solve for years upon years was figured out by a little thinking, and a willing open source developer.

Re: Finally Arabic can be rendered correctly in Fusion => OF

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:22 pm
Thats great, its fine in EDIT tab. But would love to be able to work with these fonts in fusion.

Re: Finally Arabic can be rendered correctly in Fusion => OF

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:51 am
by Aboubakr
The work is in progress, and hopefully this Plugin will work on any OFX-host, i.e. Resolve, Fusion, Nuke, Flame, AfterEffects and you name it, so we're getting there iA :)