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Zoom into Source Viewer

PostThu Mar 26, 2020 10:17 pm

Hey everyone,
Simple question, and I feel stupid to even ask, but how can I zoom into the Source Viewer timeline where my in and out points are located? I got a 2h interview clip and which means when setting an in and out within a 10 sec time spam let's say, the in and out points look like 1 dot.
In Premiere I just actived the source viewer and hit + or - .

Hope there's a simple answer as it's so basic.
Thank you in advance!
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Thomas Milde

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Re: Zoom into Source Viewer

PostFri Mar 27, 2020 12:59 pm

this seems to be a good question. I didn't find a solution, either, but it seems to be a valid problem.
If you don't get any answer, try to put it as a feature request.
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Jim Simon

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Re: Zoom into Source Viewer

PostFri Mar 27, 2020 1:05 pm

Unfortunately, it's not possible.

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Re: Zoom into Source Viewer

PostFri Mar 27, 2020 3:21 pm

You could give yourself some more space by only displaying either the Preview or Timeline windows. To switch between them use the Q key on the keyboard.
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Re: Zoom into Source Viewer

PostSat Mar 28, 2020 2:51 pm

The problem discussed here and lack of solution is yet another example of the many small annoying useability issues in the Edit tab.
I wish BMD would refine the edit tab instead of adding more features.
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Re: Zoom into Source Viewer

PostSun Mar 29, 2020 1:44 pm

It might help a little to switch the source viewer to audio, but that doesn't really behave as you might hope either - a simple zoom/navigate function on the audio there is not possible either.
Your best bet would be to make a timeline for your entire interview and make your selects from there, whether by in and our points or blading and selecting - then copy/paste to your other timeline.
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