Davinci resolve 16.2 in Ubuntu 20.04

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Davinci resolve 16.2 in Ubuntu 20.04

PostSun Apr 05, 2020 2:27 pm

Finally I and install Davinci Resolve 16.2 in Ubuntu 20.04.
It works fine but it did not recognize .mov files downloaded from mirrorrles camera ( sony or nikon, even Ursa mini). Only play the sound not the images.
However if I transcoded those files to .mov with pitivi Resolve play image but no audio!.
This is bizarre any help is welcome.


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Re: Davinci resolve 16.2 in Ubuntu 20.04

PostFri Apr 24, 2020 9:59 am

This is the script I'm using, save it in the directory as a .sh file and it will transcode all the .mov files in the directory

Code: Select all
for f in *.MOV;
    ffmpeg -i "$f" -c:v mpeg4 -q:v 5 -c:a pcm_s16le "${f%.mov}.mov"

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