The audio from my capture card suddenly plays no sound.

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The audio from my capture card suddenly plays no sound.

PostSun Apr 05, 2020 3:13 pm

I've been pulling my hair out for a while trying to figure out what's going on here.

I've been using the Free version of Davinci Resolve for several years now, and a little over a year ago I started using it to edit gameplay footage I get from my capture card. Up until this point I've run into absolutely no issues whatsoever; today, however, I can't hear any audio from the footage I just recorded, and I'm going insane trying to fix this problem.

Things to note:

- I've edited videos using this capture card for over a year and I've had no issues thus far.

- The audio waveform is still present onscreen (but no audio actually plays).

- I've tested this out in a brand new project, made sure it wasn't muted, and ensured that my speakers were set up properly.

- I've also tried restarting my Windows 10 PC.

- About a week ago I edited footage from the exact same capture card and the audio was perfectly fine. When I returned to that project tonight, however, the audio was silent (despite the audio waveform still present onscreen).

- The footage I'm currently trying to edit has full audio (functions normally) in the default windows video player, just not in resolve.

- Audio I've recorded onto my computer with Audacity plays just fine, as well as any audio from footage I've screen-recorded to my PC.

- When I go back to any old projects I've worked on from months ago, the same issue is happening there too, despite those projects functioning properly before.

- Every so often it manages to almost play the audio, but it constantly glitches and freezes for no evident reason; I'd estimate only a half-second of every two seconds is an audible noise, but that's it.

- Sometimes it actually plays the audio bug-free and how it's meant to sound, but when I pause, cut, or skip across the timeline at all it cuts out again.

- This same issue occurred nearly two weeks ago, but a day later it was back to normal, so I just assumed it went away somehow.

- I still cannot hear the audio after rendering the project.

- I'm on Resolve 16.2.054, and I'm not really sure what specs there are to my laptop. I don't think the specs should really matter though, should they? Because like I said I've been using this same laptop and capture card to edit Resolve for over a year now and it's just now stopped working.

It seems as if Resolve just...suddenly stopped supporting those files for some reason. But like I said, it was working fine about a week ago and I haven't updated/changed anything since then.

So...what's up?

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