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Instalations left

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 2:31 am
by milan667
I had to do Clean Windows install and reinstall all the software. I re-installed newest version of Resolve Studio - version 17.3.1 build 5. Resolve was not working properly, I had no audio playback in Media, Cut and Edit pages, but audio played in Fusion and Fairlight pages. I uninstalled and reinstalled Resolve studio again, problems were solved only partially. Audio in edit page is cutting in and out. Any idea what is the problem here? It plays smoothly in Fairlight page. This was not problem in Version 17.2. I tried several project, same issues.

Re: Instalations left

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:07 am
by Dwaine Maggart
If anyone has the issue where audio works on the Fairlight page, but doesn't work other pages, open Resolve Preferences - System - Video and Audio I/O and in the Video I/O area, under Monitor Device, enable the "Enable discrete audio output" option. Then click Save.

That should fix the problem immediately. No need to restart Resolve for that change to take effect.

Re: Instalations left

PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2021 8:02 pm
by Twester
Thank you! I also had a new computer build and fresh install with the same odd audio problem.