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edit questions drop video , move audio and more

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 11:22 am
by Kris Limbach
These are real basic questions I got, i went through the editing manual and tried a bunch of things but nothing worked , so sorry if this is a bloody beginners question:

i would like to insert videos from the media pool and would not like to overwrite existing audio on the timeline with the audio of the video. is there a way to achieve that? or to control where the audio lands? Is there a way to move the inserted audio vertically without unlinking all the audio tracks, move them, and relink?

and a second edit quesion: how can i control where the video lands when i insert with f10 or f11? is there a way to mark a track and the video enters there at the cursor? It seems to me as well that it becomes random and uncontrolable where the clips land. thank you!! :)