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DR crashing with prores files

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2022 10:47 pm
by AnthonyReno
I have had major issues with a fusion comp I have been working on crashing when trying to render. I even attempted to allow the timeline to cache so I could simply use the cached files when I do the render. Same problem. I have narrowed down the problem.

particlegrassFailure.JPG (300.63 KiB) Viewed 392 times

It is a very simple masking operation. MediaIn2 is a 1080p 'wavy grass' video, Resize2 scales it up to UHD. The "robert-lukeman..." node is a Loader bringing in a pic to have two masks applied over top of the 'wavy grass'. The intent is to give the illusion of moving grass in a still image. Nothing special.

The export is to UHD @24fps to a DNxHR SQ with alpha...5 minutes long. I have tried multiple times to render it, and DR appears to be incapable of handling this. I thought, at first, my system was overheating, causing DR to fail. I opened up HWINFO, CPUID, GPU-Z, and the taskmanager to monitor what was going on. No over heating. What is happening, although, is the VRAM usage continually increases until it hits 24GB, then DR crashes. That prores file (MedianIn2) is 12.9GB 4444+straight alpha.

Far as I can tell, this should not be happening. It should be impossible. Yet, this has crashed DR probably 7 times in a row now...and no telling how many times was the cause of my previous string of DR crashes.

Anyone have any idea why This would repeatedly max out the VRAM on a 3090ti and crash DR? Nothing else in the project is doing this.

Re: DR crashing with prores files

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:02 am
by AnthonyReno
UPDATE: I converted the prores files to DNxHR SQ w/alpha, just to test if there was another way around this issue. I was able to render the fusion comp with the DNxHR file with no issues. So, not sure what the problem is, but in this instance, it appears the system is not handling garbage collection of unused data properly. With the prores file, the VRAM usage just kept ramping up until DR crashed. With the DNxHR file, VRAM usage remained static the entire time.