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RGB picker values incorrect

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:22 pm
by Jeremy Fuller
I'm having some issues with the RGB picker values on R12b2 (non-studio) for the mac.

There are vertical (edit: horizontal) bands across my video (that have no black in it) where the RGB values are displayed as R: 000 G: 000 B: 000. As I move the playhead or fiddle with adjustments (like Color Temp in Camera Raw), the locations, widths, and number of occurrences of these bands will vary.

Also, in areas outside those bands, the picker values aren't correct. As I mouse over a solid white door that was evenly lit, for example, the values displayed will show a lot of blue in one pixel, then very little blue in a neighboring pixel, etc. Same for red and green. When I hover over a salmon-reddish-colored shirt, the values also vary too much. For example, I get areas that are being reported as neutral or even cyan-ish (like R: 092 G: 147 B: 131).

I did not notice this issue with the same footage in R10 or R11.