Feedback on proposed configuration, please

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Jacob Bricca

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Feedback on proposed configuration, please

PostTue Sep 29, 2015 9:46 pm

We're setting up a couple of rooms to accomplish color grading on Resolve 11 (Free), and I'd like to get feedback about this possible configuration:

• Top-of-the-line iMac 4GHz i7 with 4GB GPUs, 512GB SSD and 5K Retina display, connected to an LG 34UM95 34-Inch monitor via Thunderbolt. We'd be using the LG as the interface monitor and the iMac as the picture reference monitor.

• How does one calibrate the iMac display in this kind of setup?
• Does a true 10-bit signal matter vs. the quality of the monitor and other factors? We had been looking at configurations for a 3-display setup, but found that getting a 10-bit signal was perhaps more trouble than it was worth
• Will this setup work with an eventual transition to the paid version of the software, and to Resolve 12?

Thank you!
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Re: Feedback on proposed configuration, please

PostWed Sep 30, 2015 6:26 pm

Hi Jacob,

I have not worked with the new Retina display... But if I know the Apple monitors, there is no control for brightness, contrast and saturation besides a calibration utility in System Pref>Display>Color.

In case calibration is critical, you should look at using the LG as the grading monitor since it has controls that you can manually adjust - therefore can be calibrated. You can use the Calman to calibrate your display. Use the Apple for UI display. You might need a Thunderbolt to SDI/HDMI box.

Yes, 10 bit matters as it directly relates to the ability of the monitor to display more colour information. In terms of numbers - an 8 bit displays 256 steps and 10 bit displays 1024 steps. Besides the bit depth, contrast ratio also matters in a display.

Resolve will work anyway - even on a laptop.
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JP Perry

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Re: Feedback on proposed configuration, please

PostWed Sep 30, 2015 9:54 pm

The Resolve GUI isn't color managed, so I wouldn't recommend going the route you have outlined. Instead, get a Blackmagic thunderbolt to HD-SDI product such as the mini monitor for $150. And get a HD-SDI or HDMI reference monitor of your choosing, then connect these to your iMac. Use the iMac for the GUI and the HD-SDI monitor to view your video output.

The Resolve Config guide is a worthwhile read before you commit to anything.
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