Migrating from Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 with FCP XML

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Migrating from Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 with FCP XML

PostWed Sep 30, 2015 9:11 am

I am trying to migrate out of a premiere pro CC 7.2.2 project after putting together all the material I filmed in the last six months and synced using plural eye. The reason for migration- I don't want to extend my paid subscription and find resolve interface quite interesting.

I took an FCP XML out from the premiere pro and imported into Resolve 12 beta. Resolve did well to show me all the material just as in Premiere pro but some of the synced tracks in some projects don;t play in resolve and even if they do, they are not in sync. However the camera acquired audio is playing fine.

I am on a 15 inch Mac i7 with NVIDIA 2 GB graphics card and 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD drive. Edit drive is a 2 TB seagate slim plus.

seeking help

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