Graphic Card for Resolve 12

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David Bartos

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Graphic Card for Resolve 12

PostThu Oct 01, 2015 3:17 pm

I´m going to buy 4k Monitor and new graphic card for Resolve 12.
Which one shall I choose?
Quadro K4200 4GB
FierPro W7100 8GB
Geforce 980TI 6GB
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Jack Swart

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Re: Graphic Card for Resolve 12

PostThu Oct 01, 2015 6:23 pm

Consider also the Nvidia Titan X 12GB card. I replaced my 780 GTX with the Titan. Amazing difference.Have also upped the specs on my old Mac Pro 5.1

2 x 3.3GHz 6 core Intel processors
48 GB ram
USB3 card
OWC SSD 500Mb boot disk
4 x 6TB in raid 5 yielding 18TB

Now an amazing DR 12 machine.
DR Studio 17.4.5 Build 7
2012 Mac Pro 5.1, 10.14.6, 2x3.33GHz 6 core Intel, 96 GB ram
RX 580 8GB graphics card.
BM 4K video card, SSD boot disk, 3x4TB SSDs in raid 0, 12TB HDD backup.
Tangent Elements panel, 48" LG CX


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Re: Graphic Card for Resolve 12

PostFri Oct 02, 2015 4:56 am

i just upgraded from a flashed GTX780 3gb to a flashed GTX Titan X 12 gb from

the 780 was good but i could top it out plus starting to work with 4k footage i knew id run out of juice and would need more video ram.

I'm on a older Mac Pro 4,1 - 8 core 32 ram

go big!

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Aaron Star

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Re: Graphic Card for Resolve 12

PostFri Oct 02, 2015 6:39 am

Card selection depends on host system specs, and what actual 4k monitor you are buying. What is your source media, and what is its bit depth? How accurate is your work with current footage. Do you use a color puck for accuracy? Are you outputting to the 4k monitor via a Blackmagic device, or GPU output.

The cards listed are not that great, but they are of a certain price range. On the AMD side, the firepro w9100 would be the card to get instead of the 7100. For 8-bit work, the 390x uses the same GPU chip as the 9100, minus RAM and pro feature set. The 390x has 44 compute units, vs 28 on the w7100, and 44 on the w9100. With OpenCL your compute units are what you want to max, along with memory, and memory bus width.

The W9100 has been out for sometime now, and I would think a new firepro is coming soon that will be based on HBM for some killer compute performance.

Here is a demo of DR11 with dual w9100s and 5k footage.


Stefan Kirste

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Re: Graphic Card for Resolve 12

PostFri Oct 02, 2015 12:41 pm

i just replace my Titan with a Titan X and got 80% ! more speed.
Test it with a simple setup. One HD DPX Seq. Layerd over and over with 30% opacity, and some different transformation. In the color tab, each clip gets full NoiseReduce and full blur.

Titan : 7 Clips stacked = 25fps
Titan X: 12 Clips stacked = 25fps !

and all with no noise, didnt know the power of AMD FirPro, maybe someone can make this test?

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