A couple of question on export (delivering)

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Andrea Fieschi

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A couple of question on export (delivering)

PostMon Feb 15, 2016 1:05 pm

Escaping from Adobe Premiere Pro, which is quite impossible to install on my new PC, even if it is better and better than the previous one, I discovered DaVinci, which I think is really better than Lightworks, because it's more professional but also more user friendly (and more close to the editing style I was used in Premiere).

I didn't find the opportunity to export in mp4 format (only H.264 as Quicktime). I would like to know if you are considering to include the .mp4 format in a future version of Resolve.

Second question is about external accelerators. I have unfortunately a Matrox miniMax that now (****...) I cannot use anymore (I bought only one year ago). I know that the pro version of Lightworks accepts the Matrox plug-in. Do you think you will provide in the future this opportunity for DaVinci, of course on payment? Is there an alternative not too much expensive from Blackmagic?

Thank you in advance.
Andrea from Italy

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