FEATURE REQUEST: Increasing/Decreasing Playback Speed

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FEATURE REQUEST: Increasing/Decreasing Playback Speed

PostSun Jun 26, 2016 6:26 pm

Hello BMD,

In my current NLE, I am used to play back the timeline also by incremental speed ups/slow downs.
Example (10% steps):

<key command> -> 10%
<key command> -> 20%
<key command> -> 30%
<key command> -> 40%
<key command> -> 50%
<key command> -> 60%
<key command> -> 70%
<key command> -> 80%
<key command> -> 90%
<key command> -> 100%
<key command> -> 110%
<key command> -> 120%
<key command> -> 130%

K+L comes very close, but it lacks of 2 mandatory features:

1. Playback shall continue after pressing the keys (not stop when keys released).
With K+L, I have to keep the keys pressed for playback. This is not efficient and a pain to fingers since I have to check cuts over several minutes.

2. K+L has only one defined slow playback speed which cannot be increased.
Once the playbacks starts, I need that it begins at approx. 10% of the speed,
and then with pressing the key command another time, I increase the speed by another 10% and so on (see example above).

This allows me to program my jog shuttle (e.g. repeating the desired key command 5x to get instantly 50% playback speed). I think you get the idea.
The same stuff with backward playback.

<key command2> -> 10% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 20% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 30% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 40% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 50% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 60% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 70% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 80% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 90% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 100% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 110% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 120% reverse playback
<key command2> -> 130% reverse playback

We have very complicated and quick cuts that have to match audio. In realtime playback, you cannot check it properly. We need to playback minutes at once to check cuts. Back and forth with different speeds. It varies.

I would be happy to see it in V13.
Thank you!

Best regards,
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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Increasing/Decreasing Playback Speed

PostMon Jun 27, 2016 3:48 am

i would like a similarly feature for color.

some combination of button in the main panel something like:

1/8 - 1/4 - 1/3 - 1/2 - 2/3 [realtime] - and so on.

basically if you have a 24fps timeline

3fps, 6fps 12 fps 18fps 24fps 32 fps 36fps 48fps 52fps.

when coloring, with very fast cut chase action, often i want to play slower and when there is "talking heads" i want to review faster...

something like [stop +] play to change the speed, then the next time i play [play], you will always use that speed, until you press double stop that will reset to 24.

the faster speed will skip frames [not computing then] so even if i ask for 100fps, only 24 will be computed in my case.
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