Conforming Title Cards

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Conforming Title Cards

PostMon Jul 25, 2016 2:37 pm

I'm having some issues doing something that I thought would be dead simple using the latest version of Resolve, 12.5.

I have a project where the client is delivering their own end title cards using the naming structure "Card_01.tif, Card_02.tif, etc."

I am able to import the cards into the media pool as separate cards rather than an image sequence just fine, but the separate cards will not conform to an edl. The reel names of each card matches the reel names of each event in the EDL supplied by the client. I believe the reason they won't link is because the events in the edl are each around 2 seconds long, whereas each card obviously only has a duration of 1 frame in the media pool. Timecode obviously doesn't match as well.

Is there any way to get the edl to link up to the cards using reel name only? My current workaround involves selecting each individual unlinked clip in the timeline, and selecting the corresponding clip in the media pool and using "force conform with selected media pool clip." This method works, but is obviously very tedious when you have 75+ cards to link up.

Also when using this method, if I try to extend or shorten any card after it is linked, the clip immediately snaps down to a duration of 1 frame on the timeline, and cannot be extended back out. The only way to extend it back out is to re-cut-in the clip from the media pool.

Is this just a limitation of Resolve, or am I missing something here?

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