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Lost grouping, sorta

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:04 pm
by Stephen Buckley
Howdy, I think I may have come across an issue regarding Groups within other project's timelines.

I have a scene with several groupings and is made up into a compound clip.
Then I copy that compound clip via Dynamic Project Switching to my main movie project.
Lets then say, I want to further tweak the colors on a per group basis within the compound clip. To do that I would select Open in Timeline from the compound clip to reveal all the original clips. The group pre-clip/clip/group post-clip node trees have the correct original adjustments made.
HOWEVER, even though these group node settings are intact, the Group names are nowhere to be seen. I would normally filter the Grouped shots to work on thru the Lightbox, but the Group names seem to no longer be preserved. :(