How to change the timeline framerate after editing is done

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Eddy Juillerat

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Re: How to change the timeline framerate after editing is do

PostSat Nov 02, 2019 7:58 am

I just tried this and it works for me:
I have shot a documentary feature with 3 cams, all at 25 fps. I made the mistake to edit in a 24fps timeline. 1 h 27, only 2 video tracks, a simple edit but with hundreds of clips.

1> Select all my clips in my timeline
2> Make it a compound clip (it shouls appear in the master bin)
3> Create a new timeline, this time 25 fps
4> Bring the compound clip from the bin to the timeline

And it plays 25 fps, render 25 fps, no lag, no jitter. Jeeze, it saves my day.
I spend the night finishing the first edit to show it today afternoon and after 24 hrs of work, this mistake almost killed me.
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Re: How to change the timeline framerate after editing is do

PostMon Nov 18, 2019 4:21 am

The scenario presented for some unknown reason for me, so it is a Resolve glitch/bug and you MUST double check before you import any clips into media pool. Crazy to think it ingested when I did not even have 1 24p clip imported into my pool and default is 25p.

Here was how it presented for me; I ingested 50p (BMPCC6K) and 30p (MAVIC2) clips, then conformed all to 25p. Then started timeline with said 25 fps clip/s, told the prompt to match clip frame rate to timeline frame rate (I think unless I am interpreting this prompt wrongly), then finished my edit and low and behold she was stuck in 24p timeline with a 25p playback and only just picked it up last minute as it was dropping frames in the final rendered master.

This needs to be fixed by BMD, it's a big bug...

How I fixed, exported XML and text edited 24s to 25s in the top few times the XML mentioned it. Started new project, set the Timeline frame rate to 25p, imported XML back and it recognised the change in the text file to 25p then it came in clean with some dropped frames at front and end of clips that I had to tweak. Working on bringing across colour grade from original edit now. Honestly... almost ready to high tail it back to Adobe PPCC crash city...
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Re: How to change the timeline framerate after editing is do

PostThu Feb 20, 2020 2:10 pm


deleting all media then adjusting the project settings to the required frame rate (and saving them) and then hitting "undo" to restore the media worked for me. However you must ensure that everything is deleted in one go including the timeline - so you have a "blank" project. I tried several times just deleting the actual media and that didn't work, Mark


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Re: How to change the timeline framerate after editing is do

PostTue Mar 31, 2020 10:38 pm

I made an account to answer this. This has kept me from completing a travel video for four years! Just sheer laziness but also really hating the double up of frames in all my selects. I feel everyone's pain.

This will only be a solution for you if you're willing to do your offline in Premiere. I wanted to learn Resolve by editing a travel video in it, but now that I've done all my selects, I realise I'll have to either export offline selects to Premiere and then roundtrip to online/grade in Resolve, or start again.

In my case, I had 6 separate selects sequences, and modified all my media to be 23.976, but unknowingly placed these selects on 24fps timelines. Reinterpreting all my media to 24 meant completely different in and out points, as you know.

This requires a free trial or a copy of Premiere, and patience.

i) Export an AAF of each sequence from Resolve.
ii) Import AAF into a new Prem project.
iii) Right click Sequence, choose Sequence Settings, change to desired fps
iv) Select all clips in the Project window, right click Modify, choose Interpret Footage, change to desired fps

This worked for me bc I'm using video only selects, and I haven't tested it with audio. If working with audio files and you're getting some disconnected clips, I'd recommend hitting F while the playhead is on each clip and grabbing the original from the Source window.

I hope this helps!
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Re: How to change the timeline framerate after editing is do

PostFri Apr 03, 2020 4:38 am

keep in mind that in v16 you CAN have two timelines with two different frame rates in the same project. the project itself is locked, but you can create a new timeline with the desired frame rate.
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