Batch stabilization: is it possible?

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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostSat Oct 24, 2020 3:24 am

Marc Wielage wrote:
dev_willis wrote:Respectfully, I feel like "get an assistant" and "you don't need that feature anyway" aren't great answers.

That's not what I said. What I said is that you can't get around doing the hard work, and often stabilization requires different settings on every single clip. There's no way to do that automatically with any software on earth -- it just requires time and effort. What you ask for can't work that way.

One of the problems with asking for free advice on the internet is that sometimes, the answers you get may not be what you expected or hoped for. But it doesn't make the advice any less true.

Listen: you're not even understanding what most of us are even talking about here. Nobody is cutting corners on the "hard work".

When you're ready, here's what actually being talked about:

Step 1 (SLOW AND SLOPPY): Every time you INITIALLY go to stabilise a clip, when you click stabilise (regardless of what sub-parameters you put in within one of the 3 stabilisation flavours), Resolve takes a WHILE to do it's INITIAL analysis on the clip. At this point, no intelligent input (the "hard work" you espouse) is actually needed yet from the user, and they're just sitting there waiting until they can click more buttons to actually refine the result of the initial "blind" stabilisation they are waiting on. It's all dumb button pushing and waiting for GPU process up to this point. An utter waste of the valuable time of a 'hard work'-er

Step 2 (INTELLIGENT INPUT FROM A HUMAN & MUCH QUICKER): Once the VERY SLOW AND NOT-YET-DIALLED-IN-BY-USER inital stabilisation analysis has been executed, most of us then check out the result of the inital blind effort Resolve made, tweak a low level parameter or two, and re-stabilise and THIS PART ONLY TAKES MILLISECONDS - so nobody is saying they have a problem with manually doing this part on individual clips.

What people are asking for is a way to get the blunt instrument Step 1 stuff out of the way in a batch process, and then have the completed (slow) stabilisation analysis at the ready to tweak and re-stabilise in the blink of an eye when they are actually present/attending to the NLE.

Horst Girtew

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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostThu Oct 29, 2020 1:24 pm

Yes, I also need this batch option. And better than translation as default would be to set the own default in the user settings.


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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostMon Dec 14, 2020 11:28 pm

Horst Girtew wrote:Yes, I also need this batch option. And better than translation as default would be to set the own default in the user settings.

Yes, please do this! :)
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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostTue Dec 15, 2020 3:37 am

Hendrik Proosa wrote:Marc, you are basically arguing the same logic that xml/edl import is very bad and doesn't work because it might get some cuts wrong. So better place all clips on timeline manually, because then you can check that they are right. So I guess you never use xml/edl imports?

No, you're using a false equivalency argument. I import EDLs and XMLs all the time for color sessions (and have for 25 years), and they're a very important and necessary part of workflow. You still have to check them meticulously. Generally what happens with me is I deal with sloppy editors who don't clean their lists, and I wind up with dozens of unnecessary cuts for "through" edits. So I wind up having to join a lot of clips manually, and there's no automatic way around it. If it happens too often, and it's not that long a project, I'll just scene-detect it. If it's a conform with camera source clips, that's a different situation.

I think the gist of the stabilization question is, "why can't this be easier?" And in general the answer is, "post is hard." I did a project the other day where I think I had to track 10 shots in a row, and I wound up using a different method on every single shot. Sometimes Classic worked better; sometimes I had to change the tracks with Interactive mode; sometimes I could use the regular (new) tracker in Translation mode; sometimes I could only track up to one point, then it went crazy, so I had to split the clip in half and track it in sections. Sometimes the shot was static and I could use Camera Lock. None of this could be done automatically: I had to look at each shot, use good judgement, and try different things.

Color is hard, editing is hard, VFX is hard, sound is hard. It gets easier when you get more experience and you figure out a few workarounds and shortcuts to make the day go faster. I look at it this way: it's a lot better than the 10+ years I used daVinci 2K, and we had to track 100% manually: every window and any kind of a position shift had to be done as manual keyframes and dynamics. No auto-tracking. From my point of view, the glass is half-full. You guys are complaining because you don't have ice and a straw! I'm glad to just get the glass and the water.
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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostTue Dec 15, 2020 7:40 am

Since when does feature request equal complaining? If one wants to do everything the hard way, don’t use the feature, simple as that. There are plenty of actual hard problems, doing “push a button and twiddle thumbs while it does its stuff” prep operation that can be automated isn’t one of them. Or to put it another way, vfx side which uses orders of magnitude more meticulous, error prone and mind numbing tracking grabs every stick there is to automate the hell out of it, because life is hard enough without waiting on a rolling ball.

EDL/XML import is the exact analogy, it does the dumb stuff for you so can concentrate on actual problems.

Marc, I really enjoy the pieces about how something was done in the past, and read them with great interest, but if everyone kept doing as it was done in the past, you would still do all masks and tracks 100% manually. Maybe you would enjoy it ;)
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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostWed Apr 14, 2021 5:33 pm

I find it puzzling that I can not batch stabilize my clips on the timeline.

Each clip has to have the button 'stabilize' clicked manually and there is no way to sync the settings using attributes.

Of course each clip will be checked over for correctness, but why would a feature be denied for 'purity' laws? It's much easier for me to click 'Batch Stabilize All' and go to sleep, then check and adjust settings in the morning than to click and sit through 60-90 clips manually, one by one. It's a huge waste of time.

+1 for batch stabilize in Davinci Resolve 17.2 or 18.0

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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostThu Apr 15, 2021 11:17 pm

Horst Girtew wrote:Yes, I also need this batch option. And better than translation as default would be to set the own default in the user settings.

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Re: Batch stabilization: is it possible?

PostFri Apr 16, 2021 12:15 am

Oh yes!

And since we’re talking about batch effects, would be lovely to add this to other items and effects as well.

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