Resolve not reconnecting Sony footage

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Resolve not reconnecting Sony footage

PostMon Aug 21, 2017 7:39 pm

Hi guys,

So i been having troubles reconnecting projects edited on FINAL CUT 7, FINAL CUT X and PREMIER CC to resolve.

I'm working with footage produced by a Sony A7s ii camera. The footage is .mp4 and has mixed frame rates (23.98, 29.98, 120) which are being reinterpreted on the editing softwares to 23.98 for proper editing.

I have tried two different approaches.

1.- First, i transcoded all footage to PRORES with 23.98 frame rate. I did the transcoding on Resolve, sometimes applying color, some times just using the media manager. I did this because i couldn't find other compression softwares that would recognise the original camera footage, and also because i wanted to edit with a images that weren't that washed out. The first time i tried the transcoding, i realised resolve wasn't automatically changing the frame-rate from 29.09 and 120 to 23.98 (even when i was exporting individual clips to this frame rate) but instead, it would export them at 23.98, but skipping frames, make them look like speedup clip. Then i started to change the frame rate for all the clips to 23.98 on the clip attributes in Resolve prior transcoding them. This made the trick and i got properly converted PRORES FILES. Edited the whole thing into FC7, exported xml and tried to reconnect to original .mp4 on resolve. That´s when the problem comes again. Resolve seems not to be able to recognise and reconnect the files that were originally shot on 29.98 and 120 fps to the same one´s that have been transcoded to 23.98, even though they have the same name. I have tried the auto-import of the clips when asked Resolve at the moment of importing the XML, and also importing the files to the media pool in Resolve myself prior to do the sequence import. None of them worked, and the clips would be left offline. I tried to import all the original clips to the media pool and change the frame rate manually on the attributes, as it was maybe due to a difference on the clip length, but this also didn't worked.
The only way i can reconnect them is going one by one and forcing conform. But even then, there´s some that are not exactly on the same timing they should, some of them are a few frames off.

2.- As i thought i might have been messing too much with the frame rates on the transcoding, i decided to edit the original .mp4 footage on FINAL CUT X and PREMIER CC. Again, there has to be some frame rate interpretation on the editing software so it plays at 23.98. FINAL CUT X does it kind of automatically, and premier needs to be done manually.
After editing, i export the corresponden XML and try to import it on Resolve. The problem is the same, not a single clip would be reconnected, even though now im working all the time with the same original footage.
I tried again to import the clips into the media pool and change its attributes on Resove prior to import the XML, but no luck. Same thing happens for both softwares. So now im here, with lot of footage already edited, and much more to edit, and no ways to get them into Resolve for final color grading.
Im guessing it has to do with the SONY A7s files, as i have never had this problem with footage from other cameras, but being a very popular camera i thought there would be more people posting about it, but no :( .

Im using Resolve 14 Beta v7 by the way.

I would really appreciate any help, i cant live without resolve.


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