How to go back to the v12.5 from the v14.0 ?

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How to go back to the v12.5 from the v14.0 ?

PostMon Oct 02, 2017 7:49 am

Hey there,

Thank you for reading me, (sorry for my english in advance)

I upgraded Resolve like a lot of people here to the version 14.0.

Was not the best idea i got because now, even if i have all my Projects, I can't work on them, the soft bugs every 5/10/15 minutes... That's a bit annoying. So I'd like to downgrade to the v12.5.

I try to uninstalled it and installed Resolve 12.5 instead, but i don't have my projects anymore !

Where can I find them ? How could it work ? What's the method to downgrade ?

Thanks for your responses.


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Re: How to go back to the v12.5 from the v14.0 ?

PostFri Oct 27, 2017 11:09 pm

I'd also like to know how to downgrade to 12.5 from 14. I have since deleted my 12.5.exe file.

I upgraded to v14 hoping for a performance boost, but I have found quite the opposite! I mostly use Resolve for correcting DJI X5R Raw DNGs and on v12.5 playback was mostly smooth, making editing quick. But with v14, the playback is lagging at 10-12fps for the same footage. My computer is more than decently powered, and I've tried all the RAW camera settings to see if it can be fixed with no luck. I'd rather downgrade to version 12.5 so I can get back to editing quickly - unless there is something I'm missing.

HP Z640 14-Core Xeon

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