AVID AAF timeline NOT relinking to DNG files in Media Pool

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AVID AAF timeline NOT relinking to DNG files in Media Pool

PostSun Oct 29, 2017 5:28 pm

I am having a roundtrip problem from DaVinci to Avid, then the problem happens from Avid back into DaVinci.
I have tried everything to make this work, IT WILL NOT SEE THE DNG FILES for color correction and then send back to AVID for final edit, render.

1. I am working with DNG RAW files.
2. In DaVinci, I import my RAW clips into the Media Pool, NO color grade, and them I Render all clips to MXF DNxHD36 clips (placed in AvidMediaFiles folder "1"), then export AAF sequence for Avid into my Avid Media Files MXF folder.
3. In Avid, import AAF sequence to ingest new MXF files and Edit a new sequence.
4. In Avid, export sequence as AAF, checking "AAF Edit Protocol” into the ROOT of my hard drive
5. In DaVinci, import AAF sequence, checking "Automatically set project settings, Automatically import source clips into media pool, Ignore file extensions when matching, and Link to source camera files”
6. It gives me the choice where to chose my source files. And I choose wherever my original RAW files are located.
7. DaVinci tells me the clips cannot be located, it asks me to check another folder, I click NO, warnings pop up, in every example I have seen, the media is automatically LINKED and on line, but mine is always OFFLINE.
8. When the timeline imports correctly, when I choose the source file as being in my Avid Media Files, it imports BUT it will not reference back to the DNG files, only to the DNxHD 36 files.

I have tried everything, I’m sure this has happened to someone before, please help me I have a job at stake.

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