how to tilt a title up?

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George Lockwood

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how to tilt a title up?

PostSun Oct 29, 2017 7:44 pm

been practicing editing w/resolve and have a title card i can't seem to manipulate as i'd like.

i'm trying to replicate a style of titling reminiscent of lurid 1950s sci-fi/horror/noir trailers in which a title card would appear to start out lying flat on a tabletop and pitch forward towards the camera to a vertical position. i tried the pitch control but there are two issues with that:

1. it seems to pivot around the center of the card rather than the bottom
2. it doesn't have enough travel to reach the fully flat starting position i'm looking for

i know how i'd do this in another station but haven't seen a good way yet in resolve. any tips for this?

using resolve 14 free for testing.


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