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Resolve14's handling of AVCHD media

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:13 am
by John Whiteway
I was delighted to find that Resolve 14 could handle the AVCHD footage I'd shot on a small Sony camera. Other than a few problems with sound (that I've sorted) it imported just fine. This footage was from a brief trip. On that same trip a companion was also shooting AVCHD on an identical Sony camera, but was intially shooting in 60i. When I noticed this I changed the settings of this camera to match mine - i.e. 24p.

Well I'm finding a couple of things that really surprise me. The 60i footage seems to be editing just fine with the 24p material. So what gives? Has Resolve 14 somehow transcoded this material, converting the interlaced 60i @ 29.97 fps to 24p @23.976 fps? Sure looks like it. (The Metadata identifies the footage as AVCHD and 29.976 fps but does not say anything about progressive or interlaced.) If it has that's great and something wonderful about Resolve.