Audio/image sync issues in 14.1 for simple grading

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Giordano Lu

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Audio/image sync issues in 14.1 for simple grading

PostSun Nov 19, 2017 3:46 pm

Edit page, using system audio. Performance mode is on. Proxy also, half resolution. RAW footage, cinemadng, set also for half resolution debayering. No FX on audio, 1 single stereo track with all consolidated audio from a wav file 48khz, 24bits. no composite layers, no resizing. source is 4k, timeline is 1080 (thanks to John Paines for catching this, properly edited now)

Grading is 3 serial nodes, LUT, log and saturation. when I disable globally, everything is fine.
When I get it on, here's the behavior.

First playback is pressed (space bar). plays in sync for 2 seconds, then audio/image gets offsync, audio keep going.

Second playback, exactly the same portion. plays in sync for 4 seconds, then, offsync

third playback, same porting, sync lasts for 5 seconds, them offsync.

other playbacks attempts keep the same behavior, around 5 seconds.

before 14.1, the choppy playback was happening in the given scenario, due the hardware limitations. But the audio sort of "waited" for the image. They kept in sync, despite of the choppy playback. Now audio seems to going independently in a way that looses sync, unless the machine is able to play smoothly.

Anybody else experimenting this ? (pls check my setup for a better understanding of the hardware spec)
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John Paines

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Re: Audio/image sync issues in 14.1 for simple grading

PostSun Nov 19, 2017 4:09 pm

You don't indicate the resolution of the source footage. If it's 4K Raw, this kind of performance wouldn't be surprising on your system. Obvious things to try would include HD timelines and monitoring and/or Optimized Media, possibly at HD resolution.

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