Resolve FX and Transitions on Clips w/ Alpha

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Manuel Geissinger

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Resolve FX and Transitions on Clips w/ Alpha

PostSun Nov 19, 2017 4:25 pm

Hi there,

I got a big problem. I have two video layers:
Track 2: Foreground building with Alpha Channel (it's cut out so to say)
Track 1: The Background

What I tried to achieve: I want to make a tilt shift effect, first blurring Track 2, then a transition to blurring Track 1 and having Track 2 fully focused. I used Resolve FX Lens Blur.

When I apply any Resolve FX, in my case Lens Blur, on Track 2, the outcome is not as expected. The blur is limited to the "cut-out" (where Alpha = 1) of Track 2.
Expected result: The blur should "bleed" into the Track below to give a realistic composite.

I tried the same thing with Groups on the Color Page. This is better, because now the Blur is on both Tracks, but I actually don't want it to blur the complete Track below (just the edges of the cut-out instead).

Now on the other hand, I wanted to use the Transition "Smooth Cut" on Titles - this time it works other way round. I'd expect the effect to only work on the Title, but it doesn't. Instead it deforms the Tracks below, too. I don't want that.

This is a bit counter-intuitive and pretty frustrating. All help would be appreciated!


Sam Steti

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Re: Resolve FX and Transitions on Clips w/ Alpha

PostMon Nov 20, 2017 10:02 am

I'd do it with the background and foreground on the same track, maybe blended in the same clip, with a power windows around the FG and an outside node attached after...

The title issue is known, you will find some threads here around but I don't remember the main workaround. Try turning the title into a compound node before, or into a clip by dragging it from the viewer to a bin.
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