Ultrastudio Mini Monitor NOT outputting from Resolve 14

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Ultrastudio Mini Monitor NOT outputting from Resolve 14

PostSun Nov 19, 2017 6:28 pm

I'm not sure what setting i must be overlooking or have changed inadvertently but my UltraStudio Mini Monitor has stopped outputting video from DaVinci Resolve 14 (and doesn't show up inside Resolve's Preferences) but it continues to output the sound from the program. It worked fine a few days ago, and continues to work just fine with Premiere and After Effects and show's up in Blackmagic Desktop Video Set Up. I'm using it with a MacBook Pro hooked up via thunderbolt to send an output through hdmi to a TV and I'm stumped as to why it won't work with Resolve anymore although it works just fine with other software. That leads me to believe there must be a setting within Resolve 14 that I'm overlooking or clicked off by accident. After going through and checking any settings i could think of i reset all system preferences and set it back up from scratch and still nothing. Any guidance back in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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