Multiple Command or Shift drag to select is not working for

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Multiple Command or Shift drag to select is not working for

PostMon Nov 20, 2017 2:46 am


Spent the weekend working on a project with 14.1

And I'm finding a few small interface problems
That had gone away and seem to have come back
I'm guessing this is mostly related to what's going on with the update to the audio engine (?)

This one is maybe specific for some people but,
I run into it a lot as a WacomTablet user
(but I am sure I am not the only editor out there that uses them)

Normally if I want to select a number of clips
That are nonsequential or on multiple tracks
I would command drag my mouse pointer around or thru each one of them one at a time

Currently this works if selecting multiple clips
BUT _only_ when the selections are in the video tracks or audio tracks alone

Each time that I do a selection of a clip in a video track
And then go to select an audio track using a command drag to touch the clip I want to select
(because I want to move both a video and an audio track)
The video track previously selected becomes unselected

The functionality still works if I _directly_ click on the audio track
But as a tablet user often selecting around something or through something is what I normally do


small rant:
I'm really happy that Resolve is still getting better
But I do feel that 14.1 brought a lot of unexpected glitches
And was a step backwards from the last version of 12 and even 14.01

Besides this specific bug, I've also found that on occasion the keyboard isn't responding at first touch
Forcing a repeat of the keyboard command
Not tragic but certainly breaks the flow of control while editing
Also other small things like :
Shift-Z to see the full timeline No longer works if the timeline is longer then 12 hours...
(yes I know it's my problem - but its an award winning project now)

I do hope that blackmagic will take the time to make a lot of these functionalities consistent
And take very seriously the need for alternative interfaces
I'm very much looking forward to pulling out my HUI control surface
and getting that to work
along with my trackball
and the midi controller in the closet

thanks again

Resolve 14.1
osx 10.12.6
desktop video 10.9.7
intensity pro 4k
MacBook Pro (16-inch 2019)
OS X 10.15.4 / 16.2.1 Resolve Studio - DeckLink Studio 4k via Thunderbolt3
64GB - AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB
10Gb ethernet network

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