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Audio files import at wrong frame rate

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:54 pm
by Charles Lyons
I have some audio files which were recorded on a Sound Devices 633 at 48KHz using 23.976fps timecode. When I import these files into Resolve they show up as having a 24fps frame rate, but both Wave Agent and Final Cut Pro X 10.4 see them as 23.976fps files. Resolve seems to be interpreting them wrong. When I try to sync them with the appropriate video files (which are recognized correctly at 23.976), neither waveform sync nor timecode sync works - the audio is wildly out of sync with the picture. Manual sync works, but I have hundreds of these shots to sync.

Something definitely appears to be wrong - is this a known problem? I did bring in my project files from an earlier version of Resolve, but I don't use the PostgreSQL database, so I wouldn't expect them to be corrupted. Or is it possible the sound mixer recorded the files wrong? That seems unlikely given that FCPX and Wave Agent agree on the files.

macOS 10.13.2 (17C2120)
Wave Agent 1.2
Final Cut Pro X 10.4 (313772)

Re: Audio files import at wrong frame rate

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:03 am
by Charles Lyons
OK, I seem to have solved this issue. Basically:

1. My assistant created a 24fps project file by mistake (we shot 23.976, but it looks like 24fps is the default).
2. He then logged 500 or so clips.
3. Rather than lose several hours of work, I did the following workaround:
4. Select all the media and delete it.
5. Now that the project is empty it's possible to change the frame rate from 24 to 23.976.
6. Undo the delete to bring back all the media in the project, which now has the correct frame rate.
7. All of the video files are recognized at 23.976. However, the project still saw the audio files (which have no
frames) as 24fps files.
8. Unfortunately the only way I found to fix this was to delete the audio files, re-import them from scratch, and then go through and edit their metadata to match what I had before (mainly, separating scene and shot into separate fields, and then organizing them into bins). Luckily this is only about 25% of the total project.
9. It seems to be working now. I've been able to sync clips using both waveform and timecode.