Audio render problem

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Audio render problem

PostFri Feb 23, 2018 1:19 pm

I have a project with both a 5.1 bus master and a stereo bus master.

I want to render just the 5.1 master as a separate sound file before combining it in DCPoMatic to create the DCP

In the mixer on the Fairlight page I have muted the stereo bus master and in the deliver page selected the 5.1 bus master for output

Checking the rendered PCM file I noticed an echo effect which shouldn't be there and on testing again in DR (14.1) I found that it was outputting the stereo master bus even though it was muted in the mixer

Solution was to mute the stereo track itself and redo the render

Should it be like this or has it been fixed in later updates?

(tested in 14.1)

If this works on your MAC then don't bother to comment :)
Thom Britten-Austin
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