Modifying Metadata of Clips in Smart Bins in Collab Workflow

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Modifying Metadata of Clips in Smart Bins in Collab Workflow

PostFri Feb 23, 2018 7:40 pm

Hello All -

I have just migrated a project from a disk database to a postgreSQL database so that the editor and I can enjoy the full benefits of Resolve 14's collaborative workflow. We have set everything up and it all appears to be working properly except one thing: I am no longer able to edit the metadata of clips while viewing them in a smart bin.

The project is a feature doc shot over 2 months so keyword tagging and smart bins have become a pretty crucial part of our organizational process. However, not being able to add additional metadata tags while viewing clips in a smart bin is a huge inconvenience. I can edit the same clips when I view them through the regular bin display, and when we were on a disk database I was able to edit the metadata via the smart bins.

Has anyone else encountered this? Know a workaround for this? Blackmagic, is this something that can be fixed in an update or is there something essential about the collaborative workflow that requires this?

An AE in need

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