Losing GUI monitoring with decklink monitor

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Losing GUI monitoring with decklink monitor

PostWed Feb 28, 2018 4:37 pm

I'm having a unique problem that has been plaguing me for several weeks now. The members of BMCUser have been unable to help.

I upgraded from 12.5 to 14. Using a decklink mini monitor 4k for monitoring on another screen. Ever since the update I have lost the previews on the edit tab of resolve. I only get the output of the decklink on my coloring display when trimming. This makes precise edits very tedious and painful after a few hours since I have to turn my head to see where I'm at in the clip. I've gone through every setting I can think of and nothing seems to work. How to I get resolve to display on my GUI monitor while I'm editing clips??

-resetting UI layout does not work- -I have updated the decklink monitor as well-

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