What gives.....?

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What gives.....?

PostThu Mar 01, 2018 1:01 am

Hi guys. Brand new here. Forgive me if this is covered in another post. I have searched and haven't found a good overall answer.

Just started using Resolve a few days ago. I'm a newbie. I used PD about a month, and when I checked out Resolve, I decided I had to give it a try. The color correction options are awesome. However......
My playback is terrible... pretty much unusable, once I try to add an effect (speed up clip, as an example). They are MP4 files/4k. I tried the "optimized media" option- played worse, I tried render cache (played WORSE). My cpu pegs out when I try to play anything that has an effect on it. I have a decent system, I think, and I am really confused. Should I change to another format of file? Other settings I should change....? I have looked all over the internet, and am feeling a little defeated. I really just want to make some nice videos, that I can be proud of. ANY advise would be greatly appreciated. Again, I'm very new to this, so if you feel you need to roast me, go ahead.....

My system is:
16gb ram
128gb ssd
1tb hdd
gtx 1060 max-q
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Re: What gives.....?

PostThu Mar 01, 2018 4:16 am


Follow this thread to give us more details:


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nvidia: 441.66 studio
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Re: What gives.....?

PostThu Mar 01, 2018 7:20 am

chizus21 wrote: However......
My playback is terrible... pretty much unusable, once I try to add an effect (speed up clip, as an example). They are MP4 files/4k. I tried the "optimized media" option- played worse, I tried render cache (played WORSE).


4K MP4... Probably H264 and highly compressed (what was it shot on?) will put any average system to the test.

Optimized Media should help you. However. the default setting is Uncompressed Video which can be even more challenging to most systems.

Did you try to change OM settings to DNX or Cineform (I'm assuming you're on a PC) and resolution to half or quarter?
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Re: What gives.....?

PostThu Mar 01, 2018 7:35 am

chizus21 wrote:My playback is terrible...

It's good that you list your computer specs, but you don't mention what resolution you're working in or what type of files you use. You mention .mp4 files, but that is just a container and I'm more curious about the format of the file, like if it's a long GOP CPU intensive codec like h.264. You also say you've got 4K files. Are you working in a 4K timeline?

Computer specs are always relative. In terms of a color grading workstation you have a weak computer. It's a single CPU, 4 core machine, that if I'm right is only 2.8GHz base with boost up to 3.8GHz (single thread). Your GPU is entry to middle level. And you only have one.

This is not meant to break your spirit. Resolve can run on laptops too, but you'll need to have realistic expectations and configure your workflow properly.

For a proper workstation, I'm guessing consensus for entry level specs would be something like 8-core, 4GHz+ and a GTX 1080 Ti. Many here use dual 1080 Ti and have dual CPU systems. Anyway, don't let this get to you. Resolve is beautiful in many ways.

You'll possibly need to transcode and you should work in a HD timeline. Then you can switch to UHD/4K before exporting. But start by setting your timeline resolution to HD, if it isn't already. That way, maybe you can explore the software better while optimising the rest....
I use the following (might help me and/or others with trouble shooting)

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