XML export to Premiere Pro CC 2018 / Clips starting at 0

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XML export to Premiere Pro CC 2018 / Clips starting at 0

PostFri Mar 02, 2018 11:52 am

Hi there,

I am just trying around with Resolves amazing scene detection and get very good results saving me a lot of time. My task is to import VOB/MPG files from old DVDs then let the scene dissolves be detected and cut the whole MPG file by Resolve in a new timeline and export it back to Premiere.

First Problem: Davinci does not read that MPG/VOB files, so I converted them to an h264 mp4 Resolve reads. Scene Dectection works perfectly, I save an EDL, XML whatever then head back to Premiere and drag the e.g. xml as an import inside. The imported timeline looks perfectly like in Resolve in Premiere with all that cuts on that one movie file. However after every cut the clip starts from beginning again. When I hover over the single clips it shows me the correct start/end in/out points of the TC....

Does anyone know how I can make Premiere put the source clip in the correct position of the single cutted cilps over time?

Second Problem: How can I avoid transcoding that VOB clips (old scanned analog material 720x576 / 25fps / PAL), of if not possible, what to choose for lossless transcoding and then easy editing in Premiere.

Thanks a lot for any tip or trick!

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