Please add support for more AVI codecs

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Andrew Kolakowski

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Re: Please add support for more AVI codecs

PostWed Oct 16, 2019 5:56 pm

In post world PCs may be actually the lowest percentage.
90% may be for home users, but in post world PCs are no near this number (more like 20-40% maybe).
For Resolve it may be relatively bit bigger number as Macs are not well suited.
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Re: Please add support for more AVI codecs

PostThu Oct 17, 2019 1:21 pm

Jim Simon wrote:
Andrew Kolakowski wrote:BM has to also think cross platform

There's a logic to that.

But I work exclusively on Windows machines. It's frustrating to have my experience crippled by mac and Linux users, especially since Windows machines make up more than 90% of the world's non-mobile devices, making it the de facto worldwide standard.

Like Andrew said, in the post world at high end facilities, we use linux, and we pay top dollars for each machine for the panel (30k).

In places where I work there are 20 machines each with the panel, more than half a million dollar for blackmagic. So, no, window does not have priority.
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