[PRAISE] Resolve has the best menus

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[PRAISE] Resolve has the best menus

PostTue Jul 17, 2018 3:11 pm

I think we all know, that Resolve has very extensive menus.
Every little feature and action has a menu item. And I love that! :mrgreen:

That makes it very easy to explore the program, learn keyboard shortcuts, create new shortcuts and to recall shortcuts you forgot.
In Adobe Premiere, there isn't even a menu item for "Trim Start" and "Trim End". You have to look that up in the keyboard shortcuts.

As a new learner of Resolve, I really appreciate these extensive menus. I can just browse through the menus and learn the shortcuts. And I can look them up really fast, when I forgot them.
I mean: I could basically learn how to trim using shortcuts just by looking at the "Trim" menu. It's all there.
Or I can just click on a menu item, until my brain automatically remembers the shortcut.
I browse though the menus and see items where I think:"Oh, that's cool. I might need that later on." And I know just where to find it.

It gives the user a lot of freedom of how they want to operate the program.

And it's like, each time you use the program you find another menu item you havent used yet. And that's another feature you just discovered accidentally without having to put effort into reading the manual. You can really learn the program while using it.
Resolve basically says: "This is what I can do. Use it whenever you want." It's exposing a lot of the features it has and is not hiding them.

It also feels like Blackmagic is trying to put every little feature into Resolve that might be helpful for some editors. That's great. For example the whole "Select Nearest Edit To" and "Select Nearest Clip To" sub-menus. It's like a little extra feature you might want to map to your keyboard.

That together with the huge updates and lightning fast development make me believe that Resolve will become the best NLE on the market.


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Re: [PRAISE] Resolve has the best menus

PostTue Jul 17, 2018 3:40 pm

Very truth. Well designed, organized and powerfull. Blackmagic is a impressive company.

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