New v15 Features Since NAB

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New v15 Features Since NAB

PostMon Aug 13, 2018 4:41 am

Since NAB in April we have shipped a number of new features in v15 not listed in the original NAB read-me file. You will find these in the read-me released today and here as a separate list for easy reference.

• Support for processing Fusion compositions in linear gamma with color managed and ACES workflows
• Support for Fusion memory cache options in the playback menu
• Support for copying Fusion compositions by middle clicking clip thumbnails
• Support for a Fast Gaussian filter in the Fusion Blur tool
• Support for modifying MediaIn trims and media properties for clips dragged into the Fusion node graph
• Initial support for saver nodes
• Initial support for OpenFX plugins
• Support for GPU accelerated OpenFX plugins
• Initial support for temporal OpenFX plugins
• Initial support for using ResolveFX plugins

• Support for editing audio automation data
• Support for preset library for equalizer, dynamics, plugins and global track properties
• Support for search in the track and marker index
• Support for resetting edited audio samples in a clip
• Support for subframe audio fades on the timeline
• Support for presets for some FairlightFX plugins
• Support for improved audio playback for clips with variable speed changes
• Support for improved Sound Library search capabilities
• Support for Sound Library using Resolve Disk Database

• Improved performance when using the Advanced Stabilizer
• Improved performance when rendering H.264 clips
• Improved performance when decoding JPEG image sequences
• Improved responsiveness for OpenFX and ResolveFX on-screen controls
• Improved performance when using optical flow
• Improved performance when using Gaussian Blur in the Fusion page
• Improved performance for ResolveFX Deflicker

• Support for 2D and 3D title templates with ability to expand and customize in the Fusion page
• Support for dragging a timeline from the Media Pool into a new tab when using the stacked view
• Support for viewing and modifying keyframe curves beyond edit extents for clips with transitions centered on the edit
• Support for showing clip marker annotations on the timeline viewer
• Support for creating clip annotations for a selected clip on the timeline from the timeline viewer
• Support for caching compound clips, Fusion clips and nested timelines
• Support for optionally showing the iXML channel names for audio files in the timeline
• Support for performing an insert operation by holding Cmd/Ctrl+Shift while dragging clips from the media pool or source viewer
• Support for swapping clips in the Edit timeline using Cmd/Ctrl+Shift and dragging
• Support for a dynamic trim mode icon in the Edit page toolbar with a slip and slider indicator
• Support for an option to insert nested and compound clips in their decomposed state during edit operations
• Support for deleting transitions across clips when one of the clips is deleted
• Support for slipping clips with speed changes applied by a single frame
• Support for performing match frame for the selected clip in the timeline
• Support for improved results when compositing images with transparency
• Support for importing Final Cut Pro X XML version 1.8
• Support for exporting subtitles from timeline track context menus and the File menu
• Support for custom clip colors for subtitle elements
• Improved subtitles with basic support for HTML text formatting

• Support for generation 4 color science when decoding CinemaDNG clips from Blackmagic Design cameras
• Support for Blackmagic Design Film generation 4 to Extended Video LUTs
• Support for importing clip markers from a Final Cut Pro 7 XML file
• Support for importing marker colors and duration markers on clips when importing media using FCP7 XML files
• Support for preserving bin hierarchy when importing media and metadata from a Final Cut Pro 7 XML file
• Support for showing clip color indicator in the Media Pool thumbnails
• Support for editing subclip extents for clips from the Edit timeline
• Support for displaying iXML channel names in clip attributes
• Support for decoding DCP packages with stereoscopic 3D content
• Support for decoding DCP packages with 96KHz audio content
• Support for storing the alpha channel when caching to Uncompressed 10-bit float formats
• Support for storing the alpha channel when caching to Uncompressed 16-bit float - HDR
• Support for automatically setting alpha mode based on metadata when importing still images
• Support for decoding DPX RGBA 10bit image sequences
• Support for reading orientation from JPEG and QuickTime files
• Support for decoding GrassValley HQ and HQX codecs in the AVI format
• Support for colorspace, gamma and LUT options for clips from DJI X7 camera
• Support for hardware accelerated decode of Long GOP Panasonic AVC clips on NVIDIA hardware
• Support for additional audio file formats in the sound library
• Improved reading of Quicktime file metadata
• Updated smart render cache settings to no longer cache H.264 clips automatically

• Support for simultaneous HDR and SDR monitoring on supported Blackmagic Design playback devices
• Support for updated live preview in LUT Browser to apply the LUT on the current node
• Support for applying grades from timeline gallery clips using middle click
• Support for converting a shared node to a corrector node
• Support for tint, temperature and exposure controls for Canon RAW clips
• Support for setting Tint globally for all clips in the Camera RAW project settings
• Support for Alt/Option + middle click to copy Dolby Vision™ trim metadata for the current target display
• Support for Alt/Option + Shift + middle click to copy Dolby Vision™ trim metadata for all target displays
• Support for an option to bypass all the trims in Dolby Vision™
• Support for a clip thumbnail indicator to show clips analyzed for Dolby Vision™ and HDR10+ on the Color page
• Support for enabling or disabling tone mapping for Dolby Vision™ and HDR10+ projects
Support for additional scratches in ResolveFX Film Damage
• Support for retaining grain texture using the Dirt Size slider in ResolveFX Automatic Dirt Removal
• Support for DaVinci CTLs user parameters accessible via ResolveFX DCTL in DaVinci Resolve Studio
• Support for using DaVinci CTLs as input and output LUTs in project settings
• Support for controlling DCTL execution based on DaVinci Resolve version
• Support for the 3D Lookup table interpolation option for DCTLs
• Support for a clipping option when converting from a larger gamut and/or gamma in ResolveFX Color Space Transform
• Support for on-screen controls and overlays for various ResolveFX plugins
• Support for improved mouse interactivity when selecting or modifying control points on a power window
• Support for applying LUTs on compound nodes
• Support for showing clip color indicator in timeline thumbnails
• Support for changing clip color from the thumbnail context menu
• Support for assigning colors to nodes
• Support for clip level output blanking overrides
• Support for tool usage badges
• Support for listing the entire gallery still path in the Still Properties window
• Improved results when using ResolveFX Dust Buster

• Support for embedding CEA-708 closed captions when encoding MXF OP1a clips
• Support for encoding at higher bit rates for Kakadu JPEG 2000 when rendering DCP and IMF in DaVinci Resolve Studio
• Support for native Kakadu based lossless JPEG 2000 encoding in DaVinci Resolve Studio
• Support for improved codec and format listing in the Deliver page
• Support for modifying the filename field in the Deliver page
• Support for encoding EXR clips with alpha channels
• Support for encoding an alpha channel when rendering TIFF sequences
• Support for encoding GrassValley HQ and HQX codecs in the AVI format
• Support for replacing existing frame based files in-place during renders
• Support for using the clip name as a data burn-in and Deliver page tag
• Support for option to retain sub-black and super-white data for renders
• Support for rendering with Dolby Vision™/HDR10+ tone mapping applied
• Support for exporting Dolby Vision™ XMLs along with renders
• Support for exporting Dolby Vision™ v4.0 XML
• Support for DCP compliant composition naming

• Support for Portuguese in the DaVinci Resolve user interface
• Support for French in the DaVinci Resolve user interface
• Support for ability to bypass Fusion effects and/or Color changes on the viewers in the Edit, Fairlight and Color pages
• Support for changing clip color from the application menu on the Media, Edit and Color pages
• Support for saving the audio volume, dim and mute across application restarts
• Support for a title bar for a floating Media Pool bin
• Support for keyframing OpenFX dropdown and checkbox based parameters
• Support for a progress bar during project backups
• Support for Color Trace of Fusion compositions
• Support for importing audio clip levels from AAF imports
• Support for importing audio-only AAF timelines
• Support for synced audio file name and sync offset in ALE exports
• Support for sending problem reports to Blackmagic Design
• Support for a console dialog with scripting support available in the Workspace menu
• GPU processing now defaults to Metal for modern Mac hardware running macOS 10.13 or newer
• Improved support for scripting with new APIs and documentation
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