Why can't I see my post?

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Peter Chamberlain

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Why can't I see my post?

PostTue Aug 28, 2018 7:52 am

Hi, a common question I see is... "Why cant i see my post?"

The most likely reason is that you have not entered your real name when registering on the Forum.

We want to help you and allow other users to help too but we need to offer a reminder about using your real names.

We absolutely believe that the best way to run a forum and for people to have good conversations is to know exactly who they are speaking with. Which is why we require real names to be used, and which is in the agreement everyone signed when joining.

To change your user name, you can PM Tony Rivera with your name and he can take care of this for you. Do keep in mind this will become part of your profile and be visible to others.

If you do not have your real name in your profile, your post will not be approved until this is changed and after a short time, it will be removed from the moderation list.
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Jean Claude

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Re: Why can't I see my post?

PostTue Aug 28, 2018 5:27 pm

Hello Peter,

I would be even a bit more demanding, besides:
If one does not fill his signature by mentioning his OS, his version of OS, his Version of davinci Resolve (since About), Studio or Free: at least => do not approve his profile (I feel that I will make me news good friends... :oops: )
"Saying it is good, but doing it is better! "
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