A couple of possible Resolve Studio 15.1.1 bugs?

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A couple of possible Resolve Studio 15.1.1 bugs?

PostMon Nov 05, 2018 4:30 pm

Hey BMD devs (and failing that, anyone who's reading!)

So today I delivered a 25 minute current affairs doco for tx later in the week... nothing unusual there, we churn one out every week (after a 2 or 3 week edit)... it's just that for the last 3 years I've been doing most of my cutting, colouring and mixing in Adobe Premiere CC (previously GV Edius, FCP, Avid and Lightworks), but this time (thanks to the timecode overlays that got added in v15.1.1) I decided to handle our latest episode start to finish, entirely within Resolve Studio and make a few notes as I went along.

A change is as good as a rest they say, and sure enough, I'm happy to report that it was a thoroughly refreshing experience. Absolutely loved the smooth clip handling in the Media Page for logging / metadata entry (although easier clip audio channel muting/soloing for previewing would be helpful, as would range keywording vs sub-clipping); the Edit Page functionality worked an absolute treat, it's just amazing how fast that's matured (but fair waring, thats where most of my notes were made); the Fairlight integration is a godsend; and the Deliver Page delivered, as always. I'm a Fusion novice and didn't really need it in this project, so theres no feedback in that regard... but I did manage to build myself a custom word-wrapping subtitle template in Fusion and publish that as a regular Title in the Edit Page (which was a very exciting and triumphant moment!) but I ended up using the built-in Subtitle / Captioning support instead... which is excellent (if a tiny bit buggy in the 'Track Style > Line Spacing' department).

It was all good fun, and the edit was delivered (MXF Op1a XDCAM HD422 / 50i) and passed QC without any hiccups. Hurrah! So a big thanks to the dev team for all the hard work thats helped make Resolve such a viable first line editor.

Anyway, I went over my notes and posted the resulting 'wish list' to the "DAVINCI 16 | Big feature request list" ... as you do:

There were a couple of possible bugs that showed up along the way (or maybe 'potential limitations' is a fairer description)... and as those probably don't belong in that thread, I thought I'd post then separately here. Apologies for any duplication:

BUG][EDIT PAGE] Whilst an Audio Only clip is loaded in the Viewer panel the selection function “All Clips Forward/Backward on Selected Track” is not possible. I would suggest that an edit function in the Timeline panel should not be restricted according to the contents of the Source panel when the target edit function is not related to the Source panel contents.

[BUG][FAIRLIGHT PAGE] On application launch, the Monitoring Bus 'switch/menu/control' (normally shown to left of Volume/Dim controls on the Fairlight Page when the Meters panel is hidden) is missing. Workaround: if the control is missing, toggle the Meters panel On and Off and the control becomes visible. [Note: Would be great to make this control available in the EDIT PAGE as well].

[BUG][PREFERENCES] Pretty sure this has been noted before, but assigning shortcuts in the Keyboard Preferences does not seem to guarantee that they will actually be recognised and accepted. On my Windows system I mapped 'Delete' (aka Lift) to the [DEL] key (forward delete)... but Resolve continues to perform 'Ripple Delete' when that key is used. I'd suggest that unless or until a key 'can' actually be mapped then the User Preferences > Keyboard mapping functionality should probably not allow it / trigger an error.

Thanks again for the great software and thanks for listening.

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