AMD next generation 7 nm Zen 2 CPU.

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AMD next generation 7 nm Zen 2 CPU.

PostThu Nov 08, 2018 9:28 am


Two day ago AMD hold a Next Horizon event where they explained the next generation 7 nm Zen 2 CPU cores.

To produce a wafer with a lot of dies cost more than 10.000 US$. One of several advantages from a die shrink going from the 14nm to a 7nm process node is, that for that price, you got the double number of dies. And therefore the manufacturing cost of a single 7nm die is much lower.

But lets start with a link with a picture of the new coming Zen 2 CPU and its dies. ... en-2-cores

It is taken from a server CPU with 64 cores 128 threads. And as you can see, do it have 8 small 7 nm CPU dies with 8 cores each, together with a 14 nm common IO die.
As I see it, is it a very clever move from AMD, as it can be difficult to die shrink DRAM and other IO Interfaces.

I think AMD's timing is right. Intel is going to refresh their HEDT CPU line here in November and have promised their new 28 cores monster CPU to December. But they are all manufactured in the expensive 14nm++ process node. I expect a hard time in 2019 for Intel.

But going back to AMD and its plans. I expect AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su in her CES 2019 Keynote at 9th January 2019 to tell about the other 7 nm Zen 2 CPUs as Ryzen and Threadripper.

Will AMD choose to produce a 16 cores Ryzen consisting of 2 of the new 7 nm small CPU dies? We don't know. Ryzen is a dual memory channel design and have therefore a limited memory bandwith. Personally, do I expect at least a new 10 or 12 core Ryzen.

AMD have promised not to replace the AM4 socket before 2020. So I wonder if the next Ryzens will come with the new faster PCI-E Gen 4.0 Interface?

What about the new Threadrippers with 7 nm Zen 2 cores. It will be a quad channel memory design with a much higher memory bandwith than the Ryzen and will be very similar to the Server CPU on the pictures. I am sure that it will be possible for AMD to produce one with 64 cores 128 threads. But will there be a market for it?
Personally, I am sure, that we will see Threadripper CPU's with more than the 32 cores as today, and I expect it to come with the new PCI-E Gen 4.0 Interface with double the speed of PCI-E Gen 3.0.
And remember. The new 7 nm dies will be very cost effective.

What are we going to use the new PCI-E Gen 4.0 Interface for. For Resolve will the answers be Graphic Cards. And with AMD's Timing am I not sure, it will be a good idea to buy one of nVideas new overpriced RTX Graphics cards with the old PCI-E Gen 3.0 Interface.

Regards Carsten.
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