So, uh, not to sound stupid but how do I find the toolbox?

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So, uh, not to sound stupid but how do I find the toolbox?

PostSun Jun 02, 2019 11:18 pm

Okay, so, hello people of DaVinci Resolve! Call me Pixie. I'm trying to make a video project abt my mental illness and I thought I'd donwload this shiny Resolve program to edit it with. Pretty simple stuff: me talking, tangentially related shots, just a little passion project I wrote the script for in like 2 sittings that I really wanna make a reality.
So, I wanted to open with an animated title. Easy enough. Except it's not.
I found a tutorial by Ripple Training (won't let me post URLs... it's some "animated text in under 5 minutes" thing) which seems great, but I can't for the life of me find the toolbox it's talking about and it's driving me up the WALL. =^( I know it's probably right under my nose but I've looked over the interface several times... I wish mine was similar to the video's but Alas. Is there some kinda keyboard shortcut or something? I just... don't have the bar this guy does. where he has the toolbox icon, I don't have the tab, I just have the tab that says DaVinci Resolve 15.
If someone could just... point out to me what I'm missing, that'd be super cool. Thank you in advance!

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