Keeping remote versions intact across timelines

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Keeping remote versions intact across timelines

PostSat Jun 15, 2019 2:52 pm

Here's my situation: I am grading an episodic show that (although picture-locked) will go through (likely) three iterations of timelines in Resolve. I have to start grading before the timeline is fully cleaned up. Then I get a clean XML. After finishing (most of) the grading, I will get a new one including VFX shots.

My questions is about using versions and remote grades. In my first run through the timeline, I will work in remote grade and simply version-up if a shot doesn't match. At some point I will copy everything to local, but I will at least once need to copy all my remote grades / versions to a new timeline. The big question is: how?

1. Turning the new timeline to "Use remote grades" will set every clip to use version 1. At about 1000 shots per episode, I really don't want to have to manually set every clip back to its version.
2. Using Color Trace will copy every version to local. And there is no elegant way going back to remote from there.

Question to the more experienced long-format guys & gals here: How do you deal with those situations? Is there an easy way out that I haven't seen yet?
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Re: Keeping remote versions intact across timelines

PostSun Jun 16, 2019 2:17 am

All local version and color trace.
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