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Urgent Help Needed: Davinci Resolve Animation Lag Issue

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Urgent Help Needed: Davinci Resolve Animation Lag Issue

PostSun Feb 25, 2024 4:14 pm

I'm fairly new to Davinci Resolve, been using it for about a week now. I've hit a major snag while working on an advertisement project as a freelancer. The project involves editing promotional videos for a company I'm familiar with, and I'm supposed to learn editing and recording along the way.

Here's the deal: I'm struggling with a simple text animation—specifically, a letter-by-letter unfold animation to showcase an upcoming event date. What should have been a quick task has turned into a day-long headache. I've watched countless tutorials and tried adjusting playback resolution, render cache settings, Fusion memory cache, and even made all media Proxy media, but nothing seems to work.

When previewing the animation in Fusion, it's smooth sailing. But the moment I switch to the Edit or Color tab, it's lag city. I've tried enabling "Stop playback when frame is dropped," but the only thing it did, is that it stops every few seconds. Setting the render cache to none helps with overall video lag, but the animation remains problematic. And opting for Smart or User render cache settings causes FPS drops and sound desync for the entire video—not just the animation.

I'm at my wit's end here. If anyone has encountered similar issues or has suggestions for alternative settings or approaches to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks a bunch in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Sander de Regt

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Re: Urgent Help Needed: Davinci Resolve Animation Lag Issue

PostMon Feb 26, 2024 9:44 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Can you tell us a bit about your setup? What kind of computer are you using, what OS, what are the specs? What resolution are you working in? What kind of other effects are there on the timeline?
How long is the shot the effect is on?

If it's really a simple text animation, it should not lag. Maybe a bit of a render the first playthrough, but definitely not what you're describing. If you use one of the builtin title presets does it lag as well?
Is this Studio or the free version?

I'm sorry to have to ask more questions before being able to answer any, but we need a little more info before we can help you further.
Sander de Regt

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