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Fusion Clip Problems

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Fusion Clip Problems

PostFri Jul 31, 2020 7:05 pm

I took 3 clips and combined them using the "new fusion clip" command
they seem to combine ok, and all the clips seem functional when I switch to fusion mode via the tab.
However, on the edit screen, only the bottom clip of that combine plays. In the fusion page, everything plays correctly.

Also, I notices from time to time, that I get random red flashes in my fusion edits. I can sometimes fix this by just rebuilding it, but not sure what I'm doing wrong to cause this.

Any advice is helpful
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Re: Fusion Clip Problems

PostSat Aug 01, 2020 1:51 pm

If necessary, show a screenshot of your Fusion composition, and the Edit page. But the following may help:

When you say three clips, do you mean three layers of video with one clip each (ie using layers V1, V2 and V3 as seen on the Edit page), or three clips on a single layer?

If you're not using multiple video layers then you don't need a Fusion Clip specifically - you could use a Compound Clip instead - so I'm going to assume you do have more than one layer.

If so, your Fusion composition would have multiple MediaIn nodes, which start out being merged together. With three layers, you'd get MediaIn1 and MediaIn2 joined by Merge1, then that is combined with MediaIn3 via Merge2, which goes to MediaOut.

In order to see all three layers on the Edit page, your final Fusion composition must still be taking input from all of MediaIn1, 2 and 3, combining them in some way, and then outputting that to MediaOut.

So my first guess would be that you're not using the input from one or two of the MediaIn nodes, or somehow not passing their output to MediaOut.

Either that, or maybe it's simply that your three clips are all the same size, and you've not adjusted the Merge settings in such a way that you can see them all at once? If you have three images of the same size overlaid over each other, and none of them has an alpha channel, then you'd only see one of them, as it'd obscure the others.

Also, just checking you are aware that when a Fusion Clip is used, the Fusion composition must be placed on the timeline that contains the Fusion Clip - not inside the Fusion clip itself? Doesn't sound like the issue here though.

So check all that, and if you're sure it's all OK, show a screenshot of the comp.

Here's a few screenshots to demonstrate the basics of setting it up:

I start with an initial timeline, containing three layers with one clip each.

Then I make a Fusion Clip out of the three clips

Then I go into Fusion - still on 'TestTimeline', not inside the Fusion Clip - and this is the default layout:

At this point the Edit page will show the three clips overlaid over each other, because they're layered by the Merge nodes. If all three clips are the same size and none have an alpha channel then I will only see one of them, as it will be obscuring the other two, so if I wanted to see them all at once I would adjust the pan or zoom on the merge nodes accordingly.

I can then build the Fusion comp from there, ensuring that all of MediaIn1, MediaIn2 and MediaIn3 are used and their outputs reach MediaOut.
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Re: Fusion Clip Problems

PostSat Aug 01, 2020 4:08 pm

ya mine were 3 clips on 3 layers all the same length. I made the fusion clip in the same manner as you described. I ended up doing some house keeping on my pc. And updated resolve and that seemed to help a bit. I'm really new to this. Have been doing tutorials and such and teaching myself as I go along.

My node tree is getting huge though for this 30 second animation I'm doing for a tutorial.
I think a lot of the problems I'm having (not just with this one because of the amount of nodes, same thing when I do tests projects to try new node trees) Is that the software starts to lag and is updating changes I make to the node, but doesn't show it right away which I think was the case the first time around.

But all 3 of the layers were displaying in fusion and playing back in the monitor. Just not when I was playing back in the editor. I think I have bad settings and keep getting confused on how to dial it in. Right now it's faster to render out a fusion clip in delivery and bring that into a new project to continue than to edit in fusion and wait for it to catch up and add more stuff to it.

Thanks for sharing your time. It's much appreciated.

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